Section 10 Resources

10.1 Data

Here is a non-exhaustive list of data resources for environmental studies.

Region URL Topics
World Cities Temperature, Rainfall, Sea-level
US Yale Program on Climate Change Communication
US Census surveys
US Environmental justice
US Agriculture, Climate, Consumer, Ecosystems, Education, Energy, Finance, Health, Local Government, Manufacturing, Maritime, Ocean, Public Safety, Science & Research
US Demography, Business, Health, Marketing
US Climate, Weather
US Air quality
US Communities
US Sea water levels
US Water quality
US Water quality
US Agriculture, Borders, Boundaries, Chemicals, Commercial, Communications, Education, Emergency Services, Energy, Finance, Food Industry, Geonames, Government, Law Enforcement, Mail Shipping, Mining, National Flood Hazard, Natural Hazards, Public Health, Public Venues, Transportation Air, Transportation Ground, Transportation Water, Water Supply
OECD Agriculture, Development, Economy, Education, Energy, Environment, Finance, Government, Health, Innovation and Technology, Jobs, Society
Multpile Multiple
Multiple Multiple
Multiple Multiple
Global Yale CSSSI
Global Yale Center for Earth Observation
Global Multiple
Global Development
Global Humanitarian
Global Geospatial data resources
Global Climate predictions, timeseries
Global Health, Demographic Change, Food and Agriculture, Education and Knowledge, Energy and Environment, Innovation and Technological Change, Poverty and Economic Development, Living conditions, Community and Wellbeing, Human rights and Democracy, Violence and War
Global Air quality
Global Fishing
Global Biodiversity occurences
Global Forest Change, Land Use, Conservation, People, Forest Cover
Global Food, Climate, Energy, Water, Forests, Ocean, Society, Cities
Europe Air pollution, Biodiversity – Ecosystems, Chemicals, Climate change adaptation, Climate change mitigation, Energy, Environment and health, Industry, Land use, Marine, Policy instruments, Resource efficiency and waste, Soil, Specific regions, Sustainability transitions, Transport, Water and marine environment
Coastal Ecosystem, Biodiversity

10.2 EDS Course Map

Here are the suggested courses at Yale and tracks to improve your data science skills.

EDS Course Map